Who am I?

I’m a young writer with a seething desire to see the world from behind the wheel of a fine automobile with my soon-to-be wife as my co-pilot. I’m also a self-identified gourmand, appreciative of good food and drink, excessively critical of bad.

After graduating from DePaul University in the wonderfully windy city of Chicago, I found myself in Phoenix working in content marketing. I am also a freelance writer, creating even more online content as well as press kits for clients in the restaurant, travel, hospitality, and beer/wine/spirit industries.

I’ve carved out this corner of the Internet to pursue my personal writing passions and to reach out to future collaborators. Please, do not hesitate to get in touch!

If you’re visiting as a fellow professional or prospective client, I invite you to check out my portfolio alongside the works published on this blog.