Create Visual Billboards to Promote Your Blog Posts

Create Visual Billboards to Promote Your Blog Posts

An eye-catching, infinitely share-able blog post billboard made for free on

This blog post was created for Bianca Frank Design

Cliches tend to be thrown around haphazardly in every industry, but marketing and branding professionals may be some of the worst offenders. Still, I’m about to drop one. Here goes:

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

You know what else tends to be about 1,000 words (give or take)? Blog posts. Except those are 1,000 words you want people to read, because those words are your business, your voice, and the valuable information you wish to pass on to your dear readers.

But, what if you could use 1,000 words just to convince a potential reader that they should read your blog post? 1,000 words to persuade them, entice them, and communicate with them before they even read line one of your post.

If you could create a billboard, advertising your online content, for free or almost free, how could you say no?

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Stumbling Upon Jerome, Arizona

I’ll be honest: while I’m somewhat of a nerd for history, odd details, and general facts and trivia, I have scant details on the town of Jerome. If you want the basics, hit up The Google.

What Brooke and I did instead was visit Jerome purely on a whim, while autumn still had a tight grasp on Arizona. We experienced it with fresh, unassuming eyes, free of any preconceived notions typical of most excursions. We hadn’t even planned on coming to Jerome (not this day, at least), and didn’t even realize its proximity to Tuzigoot until the ranger mentioned it (OK, the road signs may have hinted, too).

We felt as if we stumbled upon some kind of hidden treasure.

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Tuzigoot National Monument: A Century Old Cityscape

Phoenix Clarkdale Arizona

Since purchasing a National Parks Annual Pass at Montezuma Castle National Monument, my fiance, Brooke, and I have been eager to get our mileage out of the pass. Tuzigoot is a natural follow-up to Montezuma Castle National Monument, both built by the native peoples of this land many centuries ago.

An easy drive from Phoenix- I-17 North to 260 West, then just follow the signs in/through Clarkdale- brings you to the park entrance, leading you down a winding lane ending at the office and museum. You can actually see the Tuzigoot pueblo long before you arrive. If there’s a safe place to pull over, snap a picture of the skyline. I wish I had.

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